Fr. may 18th

  • 18:00 h registration open
  • 19:00 h – 03:00 h dancing
  • 22:30 h / 23:30 h / 00:30 h blind date program

Sa may 19th

  • 09:00 h – 18:00 h Breitensport ballroom, Closed-D and Open latin
  • 21:00 h – 03:00 h motto dancing

So may 20th

  • 09:00 h – 18:00 h Breitensport latin, Closed-D and Open ballroom
  • 21:00 h – 05:00 h gala dancing

Mo may 21th

  • Departure after breakfast

Housing & Food

You will sleep in the „Sportforum“ of the university or the hall of the HTC which are close to the dancing hall (Mensa II). It will be a 5 minutes walk only. All meals are served in the dancing hall. The fee includes the dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday and breakfast on Monday. Beverages after breakfast will be sold separately.

Geographic coordinates
Mensa 2 (tournament hall): 54.346502, 10.113220
Sportforum (sleeping hall 1 & showers): 54.343476, 10.113190
HTC Kiel (sleeping hall 2): 54.341615, 10.106290

Sleeping Halls

The sleeping halls will be the Sportforum of the University and the hall of the HTC. We also offer you to place your own tents near the Sportforum. Do not forget to bring all the equipment with you in this case.

We are strongly adviced not to use any mats in the Sportforum. Please remind to pack sleeping bag and mattress.

Survival Pack

Here a brief list of things you should not forget (this list is not complete though)

  • In the „Sportforum“ there are lockers available. Therefore you probably want to put in a padlock.
  • Dance shoes latin and ballroom (if available), ladies: heel protectors
  • Clothes: for dancing, for watching one can wear completely normal casual wear – jeans and T-shirts better one T-shirt more than one less.
  • Cuddly toy and talisman
  • Neck crescent against rigid necks in the bus/car
  • Hair dryer (hair dryers are available in the Sportforum, but perhaps unsuited for dancers styles)
  • Emergency sewing kit
  • Cameras and video cameras (plus battery chargers)
  • Torch light
  • Towel and everything you need in the bathroom (deo, toothbrush, tooth paste, electric shavers, bathing sandals, gel or foam, hair spray, hair rubber, hairpins)
  • Travel detergent
  • some money
  • Slippers
  • air mattress/ISO mat and sleeping bag, pillow and Oropax
  • Small travel pharmacy, particularly plasters, gel pads and medicines approximately for you typical diseases (Stomach intestine, headache, …)

Functional T-Shirts


You will have the opportunity to buy a T-shirt via advance order during registration. Please understand that advance order stops with normal registration on April 9th, since we would like to have the T-Shirts available at the tournament.

High-quality characteristics for 15 € per T-Shirt!

Material: 96% PES, 4% Lycra ca. 190g/qm

Lost & Found

Please contact your team captain or contact us to get your things back.